Take an inside look into courier companies’ operations

On the surface level, many people think that delivering items are easy tasks, and courier companies are having an easy time. What is so hard about collecting a parcel at a location, and then going over to another location to deliver it? Any people with or without education will be able to do this job. Well, if you are saying that the courier only have a few deliveries to handle everyday, then it might be true – it’s not so hard after all. However, things are certainly not so simple if there are volumes. Couriers have many different places to run everyday. Coupled with the sophisticated route plannings and delivery timing restrictions, it does require some expertise for the courier companies to be able to deliver all the items promptly to every locations.

Besides, the above is only talking about the ground operations of couriers. There are many other processes and operations that takes place daily inside any local parcel delivery company in Singapore to take in customer orders, sort out the orders, allocate manpower to fulfill the orders, and keep track of them. The logistics industry in Singapore (where logistics has one of the highest volumes in the world) possess some of the world’s most complex systems.

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In sequential order, let’s start from the moment customer made an order with the parcel delivery company. The company will record the order inside its spreadsheet or software and assign a tracking number to the order. This will facilitate tracking of the parcels throughout the entire chain processes. After which, the parcel delivery company will look at the schedules of their couriers on the ground and figure out which courier to allocate the delivery too. Ideally, the locations that the courier needs to travel to for this new delivery will be near the locations of his existing deliveries. This will cut down traveling time. Some courier companies make it a point to spread couriers out into different regions in Singapore. The couriers will only conduct deliveries within their respective regions. (Even companies like DHL will go so far that they’ll only make left turns in right hand drive countries like Singapore, and never execute a right turn to save time.) When the couriers finish their deliveries, they will update their colleagues in the office who will then update the customers.

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Should You Outsource Your Deliveries Or Do It In-House?

There are lots of experts on this topic, and here’s why you should not be listening to any of them unless they’ve actually done it, and done it both ways before. If a business owner or executive has not tried both, how would they know in reality, which is better? I, however, have used both in house deliveries as well as outsourced my deliveries of goods to an outside courier company, and have found that each brings their own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the common ones, and then I will share with you my final verdict below.

Doing it in house – Having your own deliveryman is very useful and you would also be able to get him or her to wear your company’s T shirt. I think this is great for branding purposes. Additionally, if you have extremely high volumes for delivery, you would still need to pay only a fixed amount per month to your deliveryman. The main downside is that if your delivery volume fluctuates greatly, and you’re unable to predict how many deliveries you require, then you might be making losses on certain months or days because you’re not even covering the costs of your deliveryman’s salary and expenses. Additionally, if he or she takes leave, you’re left with nobody to help you out with the deliveries (this is especially true for smaller businesses with only a few employees in the company with thin margins). You would then need to deliver the items yourself as you’re unable to hire another replacement just for 1 day or 2 days.

Outsourcing it – First of all, you get rid of all the human resources hassles required with hiring your own extra employee, including leave planning e.t.c. Second of all, if you do not have a stable delivery volume or are unable to predict your goods courier volume, then you would not be stuck with a fixed salary cost, and instead leverage on the strength of a local courier company instead! However outsourcing, similarly as hiring in house, also comes with disadvantages. First of all, you would not be able to get them to brand your company by wearing your company’s Tshirt. Second of all, costs MAY be higher if your delivery volume is high as it’s variable costs only when you engage a courier company in Singapore.

Finally, here’s my verdict: If you can predict exactly how much volume you’re going to need on a monthly basis very accurately, and you’re ok with handling human resource issues, then hire a deliveryman in house. If you prefer no hassles and time dwelling on these unnecessary stuff, then outsource your deliveries to a courier company in Singapore (if you need a referral, try https://www.linkedin.com/company/pca-masters-pte-ltd). It’s that simple.

How To Find Quick Couriers In Singapore

If you need to deliver contracts, or especially cheques on a daily basis in Singapore for your company, you would be hard pressed to find a courier which is actually fast and punctual. Although most couriers advertise themselves as quick, not every one of them is punctual. Utilize the following tips to help yourself find the quickest courier in Singapore.

In my experience, you never know until you try. This is because most courier firms proclaim they’re quick. Here’s what I suggest. Before diving into any courier company’s account, first of all, trial their services. It’s important to know their delivery standards and customer service before you engage in any long term partnerships with a courier firm in Singapore. Most courier companies allow you to trial their services by paying cash up front for the deliveries required. Use that to test, and if good, engage them on a long term basis. Delivery firms will usually provide volume discounts for long term customers.

Next of all, don’t wait till the last minute to try out a courier company. Instead, always try to find a courier company as early as possible. This is because the later you call a courier company, the greater the chances that the deliveries are booked out for the day (or e.g. you have passed their booking times). It’s important to be as early as possible when it comes to booking your courier delivery.

Check out their online reviews. There are many places such as Google, Yelp, Facebook and forums where you can find out a delivery company’s reputation online. It’s important to know whether there are any particularly bad experiences with any courier firm before you engage them. Although generally Singapore courier firms are reliable, there are some which are not. Make sure to find this out easily through what you can find – online reviews. They’re easily accessible at the click of a computer mouse button.

An Insider Look At Courier Firms And Services In Singapore

Everybody loves an insider’s opinion on a particular type of service or products, because insiders almost always know more than the general consumer base. If you want to ensure that you’re making the right decision and choosing the best courier company in Singapore for your needs, then you need to listen up and read this post article carefully.

Courier services in Singapore may not be a famous or sexy service to most people, but to those doing business or are in office jobs, they would instantly tell you the sheer importance of courier companies to their companies’ bottom line. Remember, every employee is hired to generate more revenue for the company – even those performing accounting or human resource work. They just generate revenue for the company in a slightly less direct way than salespeople do. However, they still generate revenue for the company on the whole. This means that every hour they do not work is every hour of revenue generated lost by the company!!!! This is unacceptable to most companies. Therefore, companies need to outsource their corporate and document deliveries to a courier firm which is accountable as well as punctual when it comes to courier services. It’s absolutely essential that companies outsource this or they would be losing profits and revenue on an hourly basis!

Now that you’ve read the above paragraph, you’ll know the sheer importance of courier services to firms around the world, including those companies operating in Singapore as well. With all these said and above mentioned items in mind, let us move on to the next part of the discussion.

There are some delivery companies in Singapore which are so unreliable, and have such an unstable work force that they can operate at full capacity one day, and zero the next. This is because most courier companies find it hard to get sales, and hence only hire one or two couriers at most, sometimes, these couriers are even part time only! What does this mean for you and me – the end consumers? We suffer. We’re unable to be guaranteed safety and punctuality in the couriering and delivering of our most important documents and items, and need to find replacements often. Hence, the number key thing when it comes to picking a courier company, is not the type of services they offer, is not the price they charge, but their stability in my opinion. This is something which is very understated by most other articles discussing about courier services. In my opinion, it’s the single most important thing – stability. You want a courier company which was around yesterday, and would be around for years to come so that all your deliveries would be accounted for, and handled professionally and promptly. Finding a courier firm which does all of the above is actually incredibly hard, because so many are so terrible. I have found that the only Singapore company which is great at their courier services promises and customer service support is actually PCA Masters – http://www.pcamasters.com/. They’re the only ones in Singapore which have always performed my deliveries promptly, and with full accountability with sending me signed consignment notes immediately after my courier job has been completed by one of their delivery men. Amazing experience by PCA Masters. I would definitely recommend them to you.

Ordering Van Courier Service In Singapore

Ever needed a van delivery to help you out with moving goods or items about in Singapore? I used to hate it, because I didn’t know what I was ordering, who to order from, and it always messed up or was late. Here are some golden tips and advice you want to know so you don’t make the mistakes I made, and so that you can find it a great pleasure ordering a van courier in Singapore like I do now.

First of all, always check out the company’s website or online profiles. If you cannot even find a company’s website in this day and age, chances are, the company is outdated and does not even bother to keep itself updated with the times. I mean, which company that takes itself seriously, does not have a website in this day and age? Make sure the van courier delivery company at least has a website.

Second of all, if they have a website, chances are, they have either Google plus reviews OR Facebook reviews OR Yelp reviews. Make sure to stalk and check out the company you’re intending to hire for your van delivery online first and check out the reviews for them before making a prudent decision.

Third of all, you should always clarify with the courier company about the size and weight of the items you’re delivering. Do not try to cheat them and get them to charge you cheaper prices, only to realize that they came with a smaller than expected van, and cannot fit your items, need to get another van down, and charge you more eventually! Always be honest – same thing with everything else in life.

Fourth of all, always know that courier companies will pick up your items anytime after 9am or 10am and deliver anytime before 5pm or 6pm the same day unless otherwise specified. So don’t disappoint yourself unnecessarily by not specifying any time slots if you actually need the pick up and/or delivery at specific time slots during the day.

Finally, know that not every company works on the weekend. If you need a weekend van courier delivery in Singapore, make sure to check with the company in advance if they take in such orders in the first place!

Types Of Delivery Services Available In Singapore

Although I have only talked about document courier deliveries in Singapore for the last 2 posts, there is actually more to courier deliveries than meets the eye. In fact, the vans you see and some small lorries carrying items are also belonging to courier companies! In Singapore, courier companies deal with items as small as a phone charger to things as bulky as an entire truck or van load of food! It’s fascinating isn’t it? The following is a short but concise list of delivery services you can get in Singapore, as well as the items that you can transport from there as a result.

  1. Bike deliveries – most commonly used for document transportation as well as courier, couriers on bikes are also capable of delivering small items and parcels as well. In fact, many courier companies use bikers to transport any small items around, as it would be more efficient (they can navigate around heavy traffic quicker) and they’re also cheaper.
  2. Van deliveries – this is usually for companies who need to transport many bulky items and/or heavy items. A van is usually used for such courier purposes!
  3. Car deliveries – something which is only seen in Singapore, there are people driving cars who want to double as a courier. This means that they drive around Singapore in their cars transporting items from small documents to large parcels (those which can still be fitted into their cars). If it’s too bulky, then it would usually be picked up and delivered by a van courier instead.

Most good courier firms in Singapore like www.pcamasters.com should perform all kinds of the above-mentioned courier deliveries for their customers.

3 Awesome Ways To Find The Right Singapore Courier Firm

If you’ve read my previous post, you would definitely know why it would benefit many people to read this post because it’s not easy to find the right courier firm to partner with for your important document deliveries within Singapore.

Here are 5 super awesome and easy ways I used to manage to find a courier company which is trusted, prompt, responsive and dependable (i.e. www.pcamasters.com/courier-delivery-singapore). Before I found PCA Masters, it was a pain. Let me share with you the experiences I have so painstakingly learnt which nearly risked me getting fired from my job.

  1. Cheap doesn’t mean good. Do you want to know the reason why? It’s actually really simple. This is because this means they pay their contractors or employees really low salaries. Have you seen people who are paid minimal wages? They lead miserable lives or complain about their work all day long… when that happens for too long, they get upset and start messing up their work as a way to deal with their unhappiness. You want to work with a courier company that provides value for money.
  2. Big doesn’t mean good. Big is good in that you know their services are trustworthy, however one common caveat is that they are unresponsive or their customer service support is lacking. This is what I found in companies such as Fedex or DHL. Sadly. However, if the customer service support is good, then go for them! I personally trust PCA Masters with my courier deliveries.
  3. ‘Unknown’ courier companies are usually unknown for a good reason, so let them be. Working with an ‘unknown’ courier will only lead to more headaches. Most of these are subcontractor companies which do not have any established or fixed procedures and ordering system, which can lead to many inconsistencies. However, that’s far from it. The worst part is that there are many times where you cannot even order because they are unavailable. This will definitely not happen had you worked with a large courier company like PCA Masters or Network Courier instead.

Finding the right Singapore courier firm to work with is usually something which takes trial and error. Thankfully, with the above tips, it should save you some time and hassles. A smart man learns from his mistakes, a wise man learns from his and other people’s mistakes.

What I Know About Courier Services Companies In Singapore

Out of the many courier services I have tried in Singapore before, none of them comes close to the great quality that I have experienced and the tremendous customer satisfaction I derive from using local courier services in Singapore by PCA Masters. Now, I have used over more than 5 courier companies’ services in Singapore, some ranging from one man shows, to large companies, to ‘unknown’ companies (I will elaborate more about these later.

There are actually many ‘unknown’ Singapore courier companies. These are usually companies which subcontract work from well known courier companies in Singapore. The reason why you seldom know about these companies is because they do not have their own customers, they simply get a small cut of whatever ‘reputable’ and ‘large’ courier firms give them. However, this does not mean that you should go with them, as I have tried it before. Most of these companies stay small for a very strong reason – they are not very good at doing business, but only at subcontracting random work. This is because they don’t know how to scale their business well, and many times, if you try to work with such a company directly, their prices are random and do not follow a fixed, before-mentioned rates, and they are not able to fulfill every delivery. More often than not have I found myself stranded with these subcontractor companies because they simply do not have the manpower nor business know how on how to scale their business and meet every customers’ needs and wants. Although they sound like a good catch at first, there’s more than meets the eye.

I have also tried large companies like Fedex and DHL, and thought I could depend on them… only to realize they specialize in overseas or cross-border courier. They do not have specializations in Singapore. Therefore, they’re definitely not an option for me! I have many documents to be couriered on a daily basis for my companies. Rant rant. I wished they did do it though, but they don’t. I guess they have sufficient profits for their shareholders.

There are also one man shows. Some of these one man shows couriers may be very effective and cheap. However, one big disadvantage is that they’re one man. This essentially means that if he or she goes on leave, there goes your business’s requirements. No one would be able to do it for you, and you would suddenly scramble and run around looking for a replacement. Why go through that headache when the whole underlying reason for getting a good courier is to get rid of hassles?