3 Awesome Ways To Find The Right Singapore Courier Firm

If you’ve read my previous post, you would definitely know why it would benefit many people to read this post because it’s not easy to find the right courier firm to partner with for your important document deliveries within Singapore.

Here are 5 super awesome and easy ways I used to manage to find a courier company which is trusted, prompt, responsive and dependable (i.e. www.pcamasters.com/courier-delivery-singapore). Before I found PCA Masters, it was a pain. Let me share with you the experiences I have so painstakingly learnt which nearly risked me getting fired from my job.

  1. Cheap doesn’t mean good. Do you want to know the reason why? It’s actually really simple. This is because this means they pay their contractors or employees really low salaries. Have you seen people who are paid minimal wages? They lead miserable lives or complain about their work all day long… when that happens for too long, they get upset and start messing up their work as a way to deal with their unhappiness. You want to work with a courier company that provides value for money.
  2. Big doesn’t mean good. Big is good in that you know their services are trustworthy, however one common caveat is that they are unresponsive or their customer service support is lacking. This is what I found in companies such as Fedex or DHL. Sadly. However, if the customer service support is good, then go for them! I personally trust PCA Masters with my courier deliveries.
  3. ‘Unknown’ courier companies are usually unknown for a good reason, so let them be. Working with an ‘unknown’ courier will only lead to more headaches. Most of these are subcontractor companies which do not have any established or fixed procedures and ordering system, which can lead to many inconsistencies. However, that’s far from it. The worst part is that there are many times where you cannot even order because they are unavailable. This will definitely not happen had you worked with a large courier company like PCA Masters or Network Courier instead.

Finding the right Singapore courier firm to work with is usually something which takes trial and error. Thankfully, with the above tips, it should save you some time and hassles. A smart man learns from his mistakes, a wise man learns from his and other people’s mistakes.

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