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What I Know About Courier Services Companies In Singapore

Out of the many courier services I have tried in Singapore before, none of them comes close to the great quality that I have experienced and the tremendous customer satisfaction I derive from using local courier services in Singapore by PCA Masters. Now, I have used over more than 5 courier companies’ services in Singapore, some ranging from one man shows, to large companies, to ‘unknown’ companies (I will elaborate more about these later.

There are actually many ‘unknown’ Singapore courier companies. These are usually companies which subcontract work from well known courier companies in Singapore. The reason why you seldom know about these companies is because they do not have their own customers, they simply get a small cut of whatever ‘reputable’ and ‘large’ courier firms give them. However, this does not mean that you should go with them, as I have tried it before. Most of these companies stay small for a very strong reason – they are not very good at doing business, but only at subcontracting random work. This is because they don’t know how to scale their business well, and many times, if you try to work with such a company directly, their prices are random and do not follow a fixed, before-mentioned rates, and they are not able to fulfill every delivery. More often than not have I found myself stranded with these subcontractor companies because they simply do not have the manpower nor business know how on how to scale their business and meet every customers’ needs and wants. Although they sound like a good catch at first, there’s more than meets the eye.

I have also tried large companies like Fedex and DHL, and thought I could depend on them… only to realize they specialize in overseas or cross-border courier. They do not have specializations in Singapore. Therefore, they’re definitely not an option for me! I have many documents to be couriered on a daily basis for my companies. Rant rant. I wished they did do it though, but they don’t. I guess they have sufficient profits for their shareholders.

There are also one man shows. Some of these one man shows couriers may be very effective and cheap. However, one big disadvantage is that they’re one man. This essentially means that if he or she goes on leave, there goes your business’s requirements. No one would be able to do it for you, and you would suddenly scramble and run around looking for a replacement. Why go through that headache when the whole underlying reason for getting a good courier is to get rid of hassles?