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Take an inside look into courier companies’ operations

On the surface level, many people think that delivering items are easy tasks, and courier companies are having an easy time. What is so hard about collecting a parcel at a location, and then going over to another location to deliver it? Any people with or without education will be able to do this job. Well, if you are saying that the courier only have a few deliveries to handle everyday, then it might be true – it’s not so hard after all. However, things are certainly not so simple if there are volumes. Couriers have many different places to run everyday. Coupled with the sophisticated route plannings and delivery timing restrictions, it does require some expertise for the courier companies to be able to deliver all the items promptly to every locations.

Besides, the above is only talking about the ground operations of couriers. There are many other processes and operations that takes place daily inside any local parcel delivery company in Singapore to take in customer orders, sort out the orders, allocate manpower to fulfill the orders, and keep track of them. The logistics industry in Singapore (where logistics has one of the highest volumes in the world) possess some of the world’s most complex systems.

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In sequential order, let’s start from the moment customer made an order with the parcel delivery company. The company will record the order inside its spreadsheet or software and assign a tracking number to the order. This will facilitate tracking of the parcels throughout the entire chain processes. After which, the parcel delivery company will look at the schedules of their couriers on the ground and figure out which courier to allocate the delivery too. Ideally, the locations that the courier needs to travel to for this new delivery will be near the locations of his existing deliveries. This will cut down traveling time. Some courier companies make it a point to spread couriers out into different regions in Singapore. The couriers will only conduct deliveries within their respective regions. (Even companies like DHL will go so far that they’ll only make left turns in right hand drive countries like Singapore, and never execute a right turn to save time.) When the couriers finish their deliveries, they will update their colleagues in the office who will then update the customers.

How To Find Quick Couriers In Singapore

If you need to deliver contracts, or especially cheques on a daily basis in Singapore for your company, you would be hard pressed to find a courier which is actually fast and punctual. Although most couriers advertise themselves as quick, not every one of them is punctual. Utilize the following tips to help yourself find the quickest courier in Singapore.

In my experience, you never know until you try. This is because most courier firms proclaim they’re quick. Here’s what I suggest. Before diving into any courier company’s account, first of all, trial their services. It’s important to know their delivery standards and customer service before you engage in any long term partnerships with a courier firm in Singapore. Most courier companies allow you to trial their services by paying cash up front for the deliveries required. Use that to test, and if good, engage them on a long term basis. Delivery firms will usually provide volume discounts for long term customers.

Next of all, don’t wait till the last minute to try out a courier company. Instead, always try to find a courier company as early as possible. This is because the later you call a courier company, the greater the chances that the deliveries are booked out for the day (or e.g. you have passed their booking times). It’s important to be as early as possible when it comes to booking your courier delivery.

Check out their online reviews. There are many places such as Google, Yelp, Facebook and forums where you can find out a delivery company’s reputation online. It’s important to know whether there are any particularly bad experiences with any courier firm before you engage them. Although generally Singapore courier firms are reliable, there are some which are not. Make sure to find this out easily through what you can find – online reviews. They’re easily accessible at the click of a computer mouse button.