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Types Of Delivery Services Available In Singapore

Although I have only talked about document courier deliveries in Singapore for the last 2 posts, there is actually more to courier deliveries than meets the eye. In fact, the vans you see and some small lorries carrying items are also belonging to courier companies! In Singapore, courier companies deal with items as small as a phone charger to things as bulky as an entire truck or van load of food! It’s fascinating isn’t it? The following is a short but concise list of delivery services you can get in Singapore, as well as the items that you can transport from there as a result.

  1. Bike deliveries – most commonly used for document transportation as well as courier, couriers on bikes are also capable of delivering small items and parcels as well. In fact, many courier companies use bikers to transport any small items around, as it would be more efficient (they can navigate around heavy traffic quicker) and they’re also cheaper.
  2. Van deliveries – this is usually for companies who need to transport many bulky items and/or heavy items. A van is usually used for such courier purposes!
  3. Car deliveries – something which is only seen in Singapore, there are people driving cars who want to double as a courier. This means that they drive around Singapore in their cars transporting items from small documents to large parcels (those which can still be fitted into their cars). If it’s too bulky, then it would usually be picked up and delivered by a van courier instead.

Most good courier firms in Singapore like www.pcamasters.com should perform all kinds of the above-mentioned courier deliveries for their customers.