Are You Jaded With Dating? Use Escorts Instead!

Most of you reading this article or my blog are probably quite well to do expats or local businessmen in Singapore. As such, our needs and life are simply too different from average, middle class or poor men in Singapore.

If you are a successful entrepreneur or businessman, you will probably be very busy, and have little time or desire for things other than your business. Often times though, you will still want the benefits of having a girlfriend BUT without the emotional hassles and time commitment.

Personally, sometimes I feel really jaded about dating. The solution? Escorts. Increasingly, I think escorts are better. Why? Read on.

One biggest difference between us and men who can afford to date a lot, is that most of us are very busy.  We are ambitious and work driven ENTJ creatures. Therefore, this means that we are very busy individuals who have no time for emotional hassles of women. We need women who respect our time, and there are few women who are like that.

In fact, ever since I moved to Singapore for the past 3-5 years, I have not dated more than one woman (whom I dated for approximately 5 months). I can’t be bothered because my true love is money and making it… not that interested in other things. However, I do have many short term relationships throughout my life. The problem with these short term relationships are that, they are fine when you are poor. But once these women know you’re loaded with cash, these women leech onto you even if you are no longer interested in them. It is ridiculous. They also tend to complain to you about all sorts of things, but you are too busy for them.

But of course, being heterosexual men, we still crave for some female companionship from time to time (from an attractive female).

I have found the only way to get female companionship without the emotional hassle (because I still want a girlfriend experience or a female companion from time to time) is to simply pay for it. I engage professionals – social escorts. With social escorts, there’s really no need to bother with emotional hassles of a regular relationship. You’re probably too busy for that as well and can’t be bothered with a woman who keeps bothering you with useless things that don’t matter.

If you have never engaged a social escort in Singapore before, don’t worry. Getting an escort in Singapore is actually far easier than you think.

There are however tips and tricks to look for the right agency, as many agencies in Singapore are simply prostitution rings pretending to be social escort agencies – this means that if they get busted, you can bet that your transactions with them are going to get dug up too.

Therefore, make sure only to engage professional and legally registered escort agencies – I know only a few agencies in Singapore which are actually legitimate. Here is a popular, registered agency which specializes in Singapore girls for their escorts. I use them.

Although escorts may sound expensive, trust me, it’s FAR more expensive to get a girlfriend or a wife. Let me know your thoughts!

Of course, the above points to date escorts for female companionship while focusing on your business(es) are simply my suggestions. You may or may not necessarily agree with me that dating escorts is better over the long and short term than getting a girlfriend. But that is what I believe in.

How To Date Models In Singapore?

It’s perhaps the fantasy of every man around the world, and in Singapore, to be able to go out on fancy dates with a gorgeous and beautiful woman. Nothing says status symbol as much as stepping out of your BMW and your beautiful date steps out and holds onto your arms while being clad in her high heels and beautiful, elegant dress that shows off hers and your successful financial status in life.

Here are some ways you can date models (and/or girls who look like they should be models) in Singapore:

  • First of all, you can get the escort services of SG VIP Escorts company. They provide some of the very best Singaporean female models with their social escort services. If you have the sufficient money, which I hope you do, engaging social escort models from established agencies like SG VIP Escorts is your best choice and option in Singapore to easily date a local model!
  • Second of all, have money. Singaporean girls are mostly materialistic to a large extent, and if you are successful enough, it can eclipse other smaller preferences that a girl may have. Also, models always have their pick of men. Therefore, they will definitely pick the richer man, ceteris paribus.
  • Third of all, don’t be a slob and be attentive to your fashion and dress sense. Although having money does help, but the thing is your woman may be embarrassed standing next to you if you are dressed in your pyjamas wherever you go. It is a severe turn off for many model looking girls if they are forced to go out with a man who can’t even put on a proper fitting shirt and pants.

Hopefully the above tips will help your dating game in Singapore, and hopefully score a supermodel in only a few days from reading this post!