How To Get A Girlfriend In Singapore – 3 Powerful Tips

man flirting with a Singaporean girl

If you have always struggled your whole life in getting a Singaporean girlfriend, whether or not you are a local or foreigner to Singapore, then this post is for you to read.

First of all, to know how to properly pick up a girl in Singapore, you need to understand the psychology and culture of most girls in Singapore first. Therefore, it’s extremely important to note that most girls in Singapore are relatively conservative, EVEN if they do like the guy who’s trying to pick them up. They will purposely act coy and even be totally silent if they like the guy. This is in direct contrast to women of Caucasian descend. Therefore, don’t be afraid if a woman is suddenly silent if you are trying to pick her up. This is because if the Singaporean lady truly disliked you, she will just snort and walk away.

Second of all, there are very few Singaporean girls who will hang out alone. This means they almost always are found only in small groups of girls. This means that if you want to pick one of them up, you can forget about waiting until her friends leave. In fact, picking a girl up in Singapore is easier when she’s in a group, as she will automatically become more defensive and protective if you approach her when she is alone. Therefore, just go in and talk to the group, and pay special attention to the girl you like!

Third of all, most Singaporean women are not feminists or career charged women like you see in the US news all the time. In fact, most local ladies in SG are more than happy to be a housewife. Therefore, you need to keep this in mind when talking to a Singaporean lady. What will make an American lady happy may make a Singaporean lady upset. Just take note of these cultural differences and you should do just fine!