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Ordering Van Courier Service In Singapore

Ever needed a van delivery to help you out with moving goods or items about in Singapore? I used to hate it, because I didn’t know what I was ordering, who to order from, and it always messed up or was late. Here are some golden tips and advice you want to know so you don’t make the mistakes I made, and so that you can find it a great pleasure ordering a van courier in Singapore like I do now.

First of all, always check out the company’s website or online profiles. If you cannot even find a company’s website in this day and age, chances are, the company is outdated and does not even bother to keep itself updated with the times. I mean, which company that takes itself seriously, does not have a website in this day and age? Make sure the van courier delivery company at least has a website.

Second of all, if they have a website, chances are, they have either Google plus reviews OR Facebook reviews OR Yelp reviews. Make sure to stalk and check out the company you’re intending to hire for your van delivery online first and check out the reviews for them before making a prudent decision.

Third of all, you should always clarify with the courier company about the size and weight of the items you’re delivering. Do not try to cheat them and get them to charge you cheaper prices, only to realize that they came with a smaller than expected van, and cannot fit your items, need to get another van down, and charge you more eventually! Always be honest – same thing with everything else in life.

Fourth of all, always know that courier companies will pick up your items anytime after 9am or 10am and deliver anytime before 5pm or 6pm the same day unless otherwise specified. So don’t disappoint yourself unnecessarily by not specifying any time slots if you actually need the pick up and/or delivery at specific time slots during the day.

Finally, know that not every company works on the weekend. If you need a weekend van courier delivery in Singapore, make sure to check with the company in advance if they take in such orders in the first place!