Picking Up Girls On Singapore’s Streets

Want some tips on picking up Singaporean girls and where to pick up in Singapore?

Watch the following video by ModernMan Academy. They do provide very great tips within the video, so make sure to watch the entire video.

If you are the type who would prefer reading over watching a video, then simply read on to find out the tips mentioned within the videos:

Do not slouch!

– Never slouch when talking to a girl, or anybody for that matter. It’s bad body language. Other than saying you’re not confident, it also tells the girl that you can’t even bother holding yourself respectfully.

Be sincere – really sincere and genuine in your intentions and actions

– Be sincere and authentic in your pick up line. Usually that works best, especially when it comes to picking up random Singaporean girls on the streets of Singapore!

Do not ask for her number immediately upon meeting her

– Don’t ask a girl for a number instantly. Make an emotional connection with the girl first. This does not mean talking to her for long periods of time, as she’ll likely need to go somewhere else or she will be bored. This means knowing how to capture her attention and keep her ears peeled for your next words and keep her eyes on you. Basically, you want to talk to her like how you would to a girl you really enjoy your time.

Be confident and be yourself – not the person you think the girl will like

– Another big tip is that you should just be really confident, not about the portrayal of who you are, but who you really are. This is why you often see handsome men and rich men getting girls easily. Of course, girls in Singapore love handsome and rich men, but the truth is that, their sheer confidence in themselves also lends a big part to their dating success.

If you want shortcuts, then go to social escort agencies

– Of course, if you are just looking for a short term relationship instead, I suggest you just go to social escort agencies instead. Most Singaporean girls won’t want to date a player, while a foreigner willingly would. Therefore, dating a girl the normal way means that she’s usually envisioning marriage with you already! Therefore, if you want a short term fun thing, then just look for social escort model agencies  in Singapore instead.

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