5 Singaporean Girl Stereotypes That Are Dead Wrong

Here are some common yet wrong stereotypes about Singaporean girls:

  • Singaporean girls are pretty but bland in personality

    First of all, SG girls are good looking (see how good looking SG girls are here: https://www.pinterest.com/richardvip/) but are extremely boring. A common misconception about SG girls is that despite most young girls looking very beautiful indeed, that they are extremely bland in terms of their personality. However, if you were to really interact with some local girls, you will definitely quickly realize that is not the case! Some are fiery while others are soft spoken. Some are super enthusiastic while others are super sporty. There are lots of different types of Singaporean girls, but boring is definitely not one of them.

  • Singaporean women are materialistic

    Second of all, Singaporean women are materialistic. Well, the truth is, which city girl in any part of the world is not materialistic? The truth is that, she doesn’t need you to own a Lamborghini to pick her up, but she wouldn’t mind being picked up in a BMW either! Money does matter alright, so this is not just a Singaporean girl stereotype. Especially in Singapore where nearly everything is expensive, it takes a lot of money to live comfortably.

  • All the local SG girls have the exact same personality

    Third of all, many people believe that local girls are all the same in terms of their personality and style. That’s not true. If you are having troubles finding a girl who is very interesting, I highly recommend that you look harder on dating applications, go on a date with a local model through a social escort agency or going to uncommon areas to pick up girls. Perhaps you have always been talking to girls all from a particular circle of influence. Talking to a girl outside of that normal ‘type’ that you go for may make you change your mind about Singaporean ladies!

  • Local girls are always on a diet!

    Fourth of all, there is a strong stereotype that SG girls are always on diets because they all seem so skinny (the young ones). That’s not true. It’s just Chinese genetics which cause SG girls to have high metabolisms and thus remain skinny for a large part of their life without much effort required at all. In fact, many locals I know eat a lot!

  • SG girls are unrealistic and only want ‘perfect’ guys

    Finally, there is a stereotype that Singaporean girls want nothing but the perfect man who’s rich, tall and handsome. That’s true to a certain extent, but most girls don’t end up with a man who’s like that, simply because there are far too few men who are like that. In fact, as long as you have one or two of the above attributes, you will probably be getting more girls than most of the population already!

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