Singapore Nightlife Tips – How To Have Fun In Singapore!

Singapore actually has a very exciting nightlife, but the reason many people don’t think so is because it’s only exciting to those who are privy to it. This is because the most fun (but legal) nightlife entertainment in Singapore are considered more taboo to the conservative local culture, and therefore most people who are in the know are more discreet going about it.

First of all, although it is perhaps very often advertised to tourists, it’s not advertised nor talked about locally as well. It is the casinos. Singapore’s 2 casinos are operated 24 hours in a day, and are always full. In fact, Singapore’s casinos are said to have made more money than its Las Vegas counterparts, and only lost to Hong Kong out of the entire world. This is despite the seemingly conservative culture in Singapore, and the lack of mention about the casinos anywhere in Singapore. In fact, you will notice that nobody in Singapore will talk about them, nor go to the casinos, but they are extremely popular for tourists. Make sure to go there if you have some extra thousand dollars, and like gambling. Otherwise, don’t go there as most are extremely high rollers.

Second of all, you can engage a social escort. Social escorts, once again like the casinos in Singapore, are never mentioned by any locals. In fact, many locals don’t even know about the existence of these ‘rental girlfriend experiences’. Among those that know, nobody talks about it. Singapore’s social escorts are very beautiful, although they are far from cheap. This is NOT a suitable option for you if you are on a tight budget to Singapore. However, if you are a single male, and a big businessman, I highly recommend you check out the local social escort agencies in Singapore by simply Googling them. (A personal favourite of mine is Please note that all licensed and legal agencies in Singapore very strictly do not sell sexual services and will refuse to accept your order unless you agree to that term and condition. It is between you and the girl to discuss such details, if any.

Third of all, although I would not necessarily classify this as a ‘nightlife’ activity only, having supper is a VERY famous past time in Singapore. In fact, every Friday and Saturday night, you see hordes of local Singaporeans flocking to the local supper places and ravaging their plates of foods and ordering more! In fact, Singaporeans’ favourite past time is known as eating. There are many local food stores such as Swee Choon, Jalan Kayu Roti Prata, Tim Ho Wan (Aperia Kallang), and so on and so forth. It’s amazing that there are so many open food places in Singapore 24 hours a day, other than the worldwide phenomenon – McDonald’s.

As you can see above, Singapore has lots of hot spots for nightlife activities. It’s really about needing to know and reading and researching yourself. Don’t just rely on the words of the locals, as Singaporeans are also well known to be very conservative and will never share the first two points I mentioned above to you if you asked a stranger on the road for nightlife recommendations and tips in Singapore.

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