Singapore Nightlife Tips – How To Have Fun In Singapore!

Singapore actually has a very exciting nightlife, but the reason many people don’t think so is because it’s only exciting to those who are privy to it. This is because the most fun (but legal) nightlife entertainment in Singapore are considered more taboo to the conservative local culture, and therefore most people who are in the know are more discreet going about it.

First of all, although it is perhaps very often advertised to tourists, it’s not advertised nor talked about locally as well. It is the casinos. Singapore’s 2 casinos are operated 24 hours in a day, and are always full. In fact, Singapore’s casinos are said to have made more money than its Las Vegas counterparts, and only lost to Hong Kong out of the entire world. This is despite the seemingly conservative culture in Singapore, and the lack of mention about the casinos anywhere in Singapore. In fact, you will notice that nobody in Singapore will talk about them, nor go to the casinos, but they are extremely popular for tourists. Make sure to go there if you have some extra thousand dollars, and like gambling. Otherwise, don’t go there as most are extremely high rollers.

Second of all, you can engage a social escort. Social escorts, once again like the casinos in Singapore, are never mentioned by any locals. In fact, many locals don’t even know about the existence of these ‘rental girlfriend experiences’. Among those that know, nobody talks about it. Singapore’s social escorts are very beautiful, although they are far from cheap. This is NOT a suitable option for you if you are on a tight budget to Singapore. However, if you are a single male, and a big businessman, I highly recommend you check out the local social escort agencies in Singapore by simply Googling them. (A personal favourite of mine is Please note that all licensed and legal agencies in Singapore very strictly do not sell sexual services and will refuse to accept your order unless you agree to that term and condition. It is between you and the girl to discuss such details, if any.

Third of all, although I would not necessarily classify this as a ‘nightlife’ activity only, having supper is a VERY famous past time in Singapore. In fact, every Friday and Saturday night, you see hordes of local Singaporeans flocking to the local supper places and ravaging their plates of foods and ordering more! In fact, Singaporeans’ favourite past time is known as eating. There are many local food stores such as Swee Choon, Jalan Kayu Roti Prata, Tim Ho Wan (Aperia Kallang), and so on and so forth. It’s amazing that there are so many open food places in Singapore 24 hours a day, other than the worldwide phenomenon – McDonald’s.

As you can see above, Singapore has lots of hot spots for nightlife activities. It’s really about needing to know and reading and researching yourself. Don’t just rely on the words of the locals, as Singaporeans are also well known to be very conservative and will never share the first two points I mentioned above to you if you asked a stranger on the road for nightlife recommendations and tips in Singapore.

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Are Singaporean Girls Materialistic?

Well, according to a study by SMU, Singapore, Singaporean girls and especially models are known to be materialistic, or rather, put material demands in a man at a much greater priority than other characteristics such as kindness e.t.c. But is that really true?

Well, there is no better way to know this other than to date many local girls before. If you are a local or have dated many local girls and you are rich, chances are, you won’t notice much. However, if you date Singaporean girls and you are poor, chances are you will be having a very hard time. Although not every Singaporean girl demands that her boyfriend or husband makes multi millions or is worth multi billions, most Singaporean girls still wish that her boyfriend can easily afford a car and condominium. If you take the public transport and live in a HDB, good luck.

In my opinion, I have already accepted the truth that men look for beauty in women while women look for financial success in men. You cannot escape that fact whether you like it or not. This is why I personally don’t bother with dating local girls normally anymore if I’m not serious about wanting to marry her. Getting a social escort is much easier and hassle free with no strings attached to the relationship (you can check out one of Singapore’s best social escort agencies here: Either way you have to pay for the girl, either explicitly like in escort services, or indirectly when you have a girlfriend.

So those are my thoughts, what are yours? Do you think girls in Singapore are materialistic?

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Just Date Escorts! Singaporean Girlfriends Can Be Pretty Crazy!

Look at how crazy girlfriends and wives can get! Check out the funny comedic skit above by Night Owl Cinematics.

Do you think Singaporean girlfriends are a good idea if you’re not ready to get married yet?

If you watched the above video, you will quickly realize that many of the ‘crazy’ things that the ‘girlfriends’ say is actually much more common in reality! This is why I personally think unless you want to start a family, why bother dating seriously? In fact, just enjoy life, focus on your career, make a lot of money and date around first when you are young. When you are established and ready to start a family, then find a serious girlfriend. Till then, just get an escort model! If you’re wondering where on earth in Singapore to find a social escort model, just look online, there are tons of them, and one of the most legitimate experiences must come from

Why not consider social escorts instead?

So who or what are escorts? Female social escort models are basically extremely good looking women in Singapore, who are hired to accompany clients to events as a elegant partner as well as hired as a girlfriend and companion for private dates. These are gorgeous looking girls who will be your girlfriend for the hour or two (or more depending on what you order and how much you pay). The best and my personal favourite part about escort girls is that they do not bring emotional hassles to you! How wonderful is that. Additionally, they do not nag at you and feel possessive over you like how typical local Singaporean girlfriends or wives do. What a dream come true!

It is definitely much better to date social escorts in Singapore than to date a local girl (unless you want to start a family already).

5 Singaporean Girl Stereotypes That Are Dead Wrong

Here are some common yet wrong stereotypes about Singaporean girls:

  • Singaporean girls are pretty but bland in personality

    First of all, SG girls are good looking (see how good looking SG girls are here: but are extremely boring. A common misconception about SG girls is that despite most young girls looking very beautiful indeed, that they are extremely bland in terms of their personality. However, if you were to really interact with some local girls, you will definitely quickly realize that is not the case! Some are fiery while others are soft spoken. Some are super enthusiastic while others are super sporty. There are lots of different types of Singaporean girls, but boring is definitely not one of them.

  • Singaporean women are materialistic

    Second of all, Singaporean women are materialistic. Well, the truth is, which city girl in any part of the world is not materialistic? The truth is that, she doesn’t need you to own a Lamborghini to pick her up, but she wouldn’t mind being picked up in a BMW either! Money does matter alright, so this is not just a Singaporean girl stereotype. Especially in Singapore where nearly everything is expensive, it takes a lot of money to live comfortably.

  • All the local SG girls have the exact same personality

    Third of all, many people believe that local girls are all the same in terms of their personality and style. That’s not true. If you are having troubles finding a girl who is very interesting, I highly recommend that you look harder on dating applications, go on a date with a local model through a social escort agency or going to uncommon areas to pick up girls. Perhaps you have always been talking to girls all from a particular circle of influence. Talking to a girl outside of that normal ‘type’ that you go for may make you change your mind about Singaporean ladies!

  • Local girls are always on a diet!

    Fourth of all, there is a strong stereotype that SG girls are always on diets because they all seem so skinny (the young ones). That’s not true. It’s just Chinese genetics which cause SG girls to have high metabolisms and thus remain skinny for a large part of their life without much effort required at all. In fact, many locals I know eat a lot!

  • SG girls are unrealistic and only want ‘perfect’ guys

    Finally, there is a stereotype that Singaporean girls want nothing but the perfect man who’s rich, tall and handsome. That’s true to a certain extent, but most girls don’t end up with a man who’s like that, simply because there are far too few men who are like that. In fact, as long as you have one or two of the above attributes, you will probably be getting more girls than most of the population already!

Picking Up Girls On Singapore’s Streets

Want some tips on picking up Singaporean girls and where to pick up in Singapore?

Watch the following video by ModernMan Academy. They do provide very great tips within the video, so make sure to watch the entire video.

If you are the type who would prefer reading over watching a video, then simply read on to find out the tips mentioned within the videos:

Do not slouch!

– Never slouch when talking to a girl, or anybody for that matter. It’s bad body language. Other than saying you’re not confident, it also tells the girl that you can’t even bother holding yourself respectfully.

Be sincere – really sincere and genuine in your intentions and actions

– Be sincere and authentic in your pick up line. Usually that works best, especially when it comes to picking up random Singaporean girls on the streets of Singapore!

Do not ask for her number immediately upon meeting her

– Don’t ask a girl for a number instantly. Make an emotional connection with the girl first. This does not mean talking to her for long periods of time, as she’ll likely need to go somewhere else or she will be bored. This means knowing how to capture her attention and keep her ears peeled for your next words and keep her eyes on you. Basically, you want to talk to her like how you would to a girl you really enjoy your time.

Be confident and be yourself – not the person you think the girl will like

– Another big tip is that you should just be really confident, not about the portrayal of who you are, but who you really are. This is why you often see handsome men and rich men getting girls easily. Of course, girls in Singapore love handsome and rich men, but the truth is that, their sheer confidence in themselves also lends a big part to their dating success.

If you want shortcuts, then go to social escort agencies

– Of course, if you are just looking for a short term relationship instead, I suggest you just go to social escort agencies instead. Most Singaporean girls won’t want to date a player, while a foreigner willingly would. Therefore, dating a girl the normal way means that she’s usually envisioning marriage with you already! Therefore, if you want a short term fun thing, then just look for social escort model agencies  in Singapore instead.